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The Best Jazz and Blues Festivals are the ones with good beer

The International Jazz Day Foundation is excited to present the best beer in the land at its groundbreaking 10th-anniversary celebration of International Jazz Day: Corona Premier.

The greatly anticipated Jazz Appreciation Month is upon us, which means two things: great Jazz festivals, and great beer. Beer and festivals have always gone hand-in-hand, as nothing can beat the feeling of drinking a cold beer on a hot day while being surrounded by friends and listening to amazing music. If you’re going to a Jazz festival, you might as well be enjoying a quality brew. Boozing it up in a bar or restaurant has never been easier, with a large number of beers available at venues across America. However, at festivals, this can be a completely different story, as many big events either have a poor selection of beer at hand or have a tendency to quickly run out of stock. However, this won’t be true for the Scottsdale Jazz Festival!

We are proud to announce that Scottsdale Jazz Festival 2021 will be sponsored by Corona Premier, one of the best beer brands in the world. “Corona Premier brings people together, and there is no better occasion to do that than a good old Jazz & Blues Festival.

The ScottsdaleJazz Festival soon will be a destination for everyone in southwest whether they like Blues, R&B, or Jazz,” said DocJones, Executive Director of International Jazz Day AZ Foundation. Corona is one of the best-known beers in the world, and people from all corners of the globe love its refreshing taste. First brewed in Mexico in 1925, Corona has become a staple in millions of American households, and now you will be able to enjoy it at the soon-to-be biggest festival in Arizona. Scottsdale Jazz Festival will also be partnering with Constellation Brands, which is the largest beer import company in the US 



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