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International Jazz Day AZ Foundation (IJDAZF) is dedicating its 2021 Jazz Appreciation Month to Musicians who began their musical careers in the Military. IJDAZF will Honor 6 (six) Jazz musicians who've served in the Military at its 4th Annual Jazz At Lunch Time Concert.

The Jazz At Lunch Time Concert is held annually at the State Capitol, next year on April 2022 between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3 PM.

Some of the music performed will mirror classic tunes from our Military Big Bands, such as Glenn Miller and Armed Forces Medley. That will be combined with the theme songs of the different US Military Branches. What better way to honor those who have given so much? The IJDAZF concert is held yearly at the State Capitol and will also honor our National Treasures, our Senior Citizens. While the spotlight will be on our Jazz Musicians who served in the Military at the State Capitol, admission to each of our April Jazz Festivals (April 2nd & 3th Scottsdale, TBA Mesa) will be Free to all Veterans and their families.


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