Arizona Mayor’s Unite with the Governor Ducey to Celebrate and Support Doc Jones and International Jazz Day

In this movement to bring attention to the under funding of Arts Education and Jazz programs in our schools, Doc Jones and his Foundation is calling on Arizona’s Mayors, Senators, and House Representatives around the state to Unite at The State Capitol on April 26th to Celebrate and Support the important of funding Arts and cultural in our communities. Celebrities and politicians alike are speaking up about arts programs being removed from schools. Conceived by Doc Jones, CEO of International Jazz Day AZ Foundation a nonprofit arts advocacy group, these PSA Video’s shows Arizona Mayors giving thumbs up to his International Jazz Day movement.
My first impression of this movement: There are some powerful and important folks creating these Videos. Some Mayors made me do a double take because of how passionate their support for International Jazz Day were, specifically Governor Ducey, Jim Lane, John Giles, Robert Uribe, and Greg Stanton. Support Jazz Lunch at the State Capitol. Bring your organization to the state capitol to show your support for Art’s and Cultural in the state of Arizona. Yes and to support Arizona’s 6th Annual International Jazz Day Celebration.