7-year-old musician, Little Jonathan will finally have a real chance of getting his eye-saving operation after the International Jazz Day AZ Foundation has taking on his cause and telling his story

Every night little Jonathan prays that God will one day heal his eye. In 2015, Jonathan Garcia Barcelo, was diagnosed with a tumor in his left inferior rectus muscle (a muscle in the eye), at only 5 years old. Let me begin by saying that Jonathan, his father, and mother live in Mexico and have insurance there, however, this tumor is extremely rare in adults, even more so in children. Due to the fact that this type of tumor is so rare, surgeons in Mexico will not operate and remove the tumor. Their advice was to leave it alone until he turns 16 years old, hoping that the tumor does not grow or become malignant. However, in the past 2 years alone, doctors have already seen the tumor grow which has already affected his vision and appearance.

As an alternative, Jonathan’s parents sought help for him in Phoenix, AZ and were referred to Dr. Lisa Mansueto, an Ophthalmic Surgeon. After studying the case, she said she could remove the tumor and does not agree that surgeons should wait until he is older. If it keeps growing, it will start affecting his optic nerve which will eventually cause blindness or even the loss of his eye.

We have searched for programs to help pay for his surgery since he does not have U.S. medical insurance, however, every program has neglected helping because he is not a citizen or resident of the United States. The quote for the initial surgery is $15,567, which includes the physician, facility, and anesthesiologist fees, although, there is a likelihood for subsequent reconstructive surgery to repair or even replace the muscle that has been damaged due to the tumor. Phoenix Children’s Hospital did say that they would give us a 50% discount from the facility fee if we can pay before the surgery.

On behalf of the Garcia family, we ask for any and all support you can give to help little Jonathan to prevent permanent damage to his eye. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.


Adria Oropeza (Jonathan’s cousin)