Professional basketball is one of the most generous sports. Players even get praised for making an extra pass. But just as these players give a helping hand during a game, they know how to assist off the court as well. NBA stars of past and present have been known to be some of the most giving players out there, and the league gets involved too. Teams sponsor different Heritage Nights to honor the cultures of its players and to get fans more involved. The league also operates NBA Cares, a global outreach, and social responsibility program. In addition, many individual players make an effort to give back in a huge way. Big O is Back in Arizona and has plans on doing great work in the community that has given him so much.

Oliver Miller and Staceye Beatty team up with Doc Jones June 14th 2019 AT THE OSAKA P83 Teppanyaki Sushi Bar and Grill… The Big “O” is bringing the heat back smooth than ever.. For more information and to make a reservation call 623-773-9233Here’s a clip to remind you just how smooth..

Click on link below for some real highlights👇👇👇👇