Family Misunderstandings Strain Loving Relationships With Grandchildren! MARLEY “BABY DOC Jones” YOU ARE MISSED AND LOVED

Today July 27 is the birthday of a great little 12 yr old saxophone player by the name of Marley Baby Doc Jones his mother has choose to keep him away from his grandparents for some dumb Shit. We can only hope that one day he will google his name and this link will come up than he will know that he’s missing out on his family love his Aunties are missing him too.

What is happening to American families? It used to be unusual to hear about families that were splintered, keeping grandparents and grandchildren separated. Now it is the most common challenge, from what grandparents tell me. These grandparents are in every state and at every socioeconomic level, and each of their situations is unique. But they have one thing in common: They are heartbroken to be kept away from their grandchildren.

Families develop strained relationships for many reasons. Some parents and grandparents have sudden disagreements and make snap decisions to “withhold” visits with grandchildren. I’ve heard from grandparents who were stunned and confused when, after expressing an opinion different from their grandchildren’s parents on something they thought was a minor issue, they got an unexpectedly negative reaction. The next thing the grandparents knew, they were not allowed to see the children. Often the grandparents are not sure what they should have done differently, and the lines of communication are simply cut off from the other end.

One young mother asked me, “If my daughter’s grandmother doesn’t agree with my decisions as a parent, should she be allowed to see her grandchild?” She was considering using her daughter as a means to punish the grandmother for disagreeing with her. In that situation, who’s really punished? A child deserves to have as many loving adults in her life as possible. Children are not pawns, and neither grandparents nor parents should use them as such. Shame on them they are only hurting the very ones they say they love.