Life Around Puerto Peñasco is Great

Located just over an hour’s drive from the U.S. border, Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) is a Mexican fishing town that caters to an ever-growing audience of beach-starved Arizona residents. The resort is somewhat reinventing itself, trying to recast its image as more than just a hangout for the RV and camper crowd.

It now lures more and more resort-oriented vacationers as facilities and lodging improve. Most visitors arrive by private auto, entering through the Mexican city of Sonoita (opposite Lukeville, AZ). The drive takes about 90 minutes (100 km.) via Route 8. The two-lane road (recently widened) is in excellent shape. From Phoenix and Tucson, the distance is 210 miles (about a four and a half hour drive).

Since Puerto Peñasco is within Sonora’s “Free Trade Zone,” visitors do not need to comply with vehicle importation requirements, nor is a proof of citizenship/ tourist card required. (Note: It’s a good idea to carry proof of citizenship anyway). Mexican auto insurance is, of course highly recommended, and can easily be obtained in Lukeville atread more